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1121 Situs Court
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Raleigh, NC  27606
United States
Phone: 919.900.8970
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Tantalus is a technology company that helps utilities make smart decisions. This is done by providing Smart Grid communications solutions that enable electric, gas & water utilities to optimize the use resources by automating monitoring & control processes, improving operational efficiency, and delivering the information utilities and consumers need to manage energy intelligently and cost-effectively.

TUNet® – the Tantalus Utility Network – is deployed at utilities throughout North America determined to drive down operational costs, increase reliability and deliver top-tier customer service. Tantalus customers range from high density urban centers which provide essential services to tens of thousands of accounts to rural cooperatives that operate in some of the country’s most challenging environments. TUNet provides the rapid and reliable two-way data communications utilities need today for Advanced Metering (AMI), Demand Response (DR), Load Management, Grid Optimization/Distribution Automation (DA) and Streetlight Control, along with the flexibility and adaptability to scale step-by-step as the Smart Grid evolves.

Extended Description:

TUNet is an end-to-end communications system that combines WAN/LAN components to create a potential hybrid network that is fast and reliable, ease to deploy and scale, and can evolve step-by-step with the Smart Grid. Cost, Coverage,

Utilities can choose from multiple WAN options including 220, Fiber (FTTH or FTTP), GPRS/cellular or WiFi. WAN options can be used individually or in any combination, which makes it easy for utilities to migrate to next-generation technologies if the need for more data capacity, bandwidth and throughput arises.  The TUNet LAN is a 900 MHz RF self-initiating, self-healing network, which means that each TUNet-enabled endpoint (meter, load control device, Da device, Streetlight controller) automatically connects to the network. There is no need for manual in-field programming or configuration. If a communications path is blocked, TUNet automatically finds another route.

Data is delivered in standard formats so that integration with legacy systems such as billing, MDM, CIS, GIS, OMS and other mission critical applications is simple. Furthermore, it offers the freedom to implement new networking and data management & analysis technologies so a utility can take full advantage of opportunities as they emerge.

Product Information:
Tantalus designed all TUNet products and applications – from meter modules to in-home load control devices to communications infrastructure – to adhere to strict industry standards and function flawlessly in extreme environmental and operational conditions.

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