Clevest Mobile Solutions
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Clevest Mobile Solutions
Julien Marin
#1348 - 20800 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC  V6V 2W3
Phone: 604-214-9700
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Company Description:

The Complete Solution for the Utility Mobile Workforce

Clevest helps utilities deliver safe, reliable and superior services through our innovative and configurable mobile workforce management and smart grid operations software solutions. We specialize in optimizing utility field operations, automating field activities and processes to improve safety, reliability, and response time.

The Clevest team are experts at mobile workforce automation and smart grid operations solutions for utilities. We have a long and successful track record of creating, deploying and supporting solutions around the world.

Over 180 utilities have chosen Clevest as their mobile workforce partner, from some of the world’s largest to many rural electric cooperatives. Our broad knowledge and experience lets us rapidly respond to the changes that are transforming the utility industry today and produce a complete product suite designed exclusively for utility work types.

Utility-specific Solutions

Solutions include: Mobile Workforce Management, Automatic Vehicle Location, Automated Worker Location, AMI Deployment, Meter Services, Meter Reading, AMI Deployment, Network Services, Mobile Outage, Damage Assessment, Mutual Aid, Mobile Service Orders, Inspections, Smart Grid Visualization, and Smart Cities.

Responsive and reliable configuration

Clevest Genesis is a powerful and patented graphic-based configuration tool. It provides a highly intuitive and visual environment that allows Clevest or your project team to make configurations without any additional programming. Utilities can quickly respond to changing business rules and requirements on an ongoing basis, with reliable and consistent results.

You will avoid the lengthy coding and QA cycles by simply modifying the configuration to reflect changes in workflow or business rules, and to support new business directions as priorities evolve. You can make changes in one application without interrupting others in the suite, and easily upload changes to the server instead of rewriting, testing and recompiling applications.

Flexible deployment options

Clevest offers flexible deployment options to suit your software implementation preferences. On-premise or in the cloud, Clevest can deliver its best-in-class utility-specific mobile software suite effectively to ensure your utility realizes the benefits it provides.

200+ integrations and interfaces

The open standards approach taken by Clevest provides a fully integrated field operations software suite capable of extending the reach of a utility’s critical operations support systems into the field.

Product Information:
Products/Services: Mobile Workforce Management
Mutual Aid
Smart Grid Solutions
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